An exhibition produced collaboratively by Stanica (an independent art group from Kucevo, South East Serbia) & 15 Serbian and international artists
As part of of ArtLink’s Art Interventions Colloquim “Return of the Gastarbajters”

when                             August 11 – September 11, 2007
opening reception                    Saturday August 11th, 6-9 pm
where                         Kucevo’s bus station
and other site-specific locations in Kucevo
(pick up map at the bus station).

Participating Artists & Media (see page 2 for full descriptions)
Stanica, Ku_evo
Miodrag Nadla_ki – performance
Milan Glozi_ & Goran Anki_ – wall comics
Davor Radulj – poetry installation
Alexandra Petrovi_ – poetry

Serbian Artists
Zaga Srbovi_ – glass painting
Anica Ran_elovi_ – wall painting
Sa_a Markovi_ – site specific installation
Ljilja Stevanovi_ – sculpture
Daliborka Pesi_ – mixed media textile
Suzana Stankovic Aleksic (Serbia/The Netherlands) – site specific installation    International Artists
James Beckett (South Africa/the Netherlands) – mixed media, site specific installation
Ava Bromberg (USA) – booklet of self-organized art venues
Blithe Riley (USA) – website
Dara Greenwald (USA) & Sarah Kanouse (USA) – portraiture and video
Alex Impey (Great Britain) – sonics and cartography
Marisa Jahn (USA) & Noa Treister (Israel/Serbia) – cookbook and travel posters
Anne Schiffer (The Netherlands) – mixed media public art

–Full Press Release —

As part of Artlink’s Art Interventions Colloquium “The Return of the Gastarbajters”, Arrivals/Departures is a multi-genre exhibition of site-specific projects responding to the socio-political environment of Kucevo, a town of 5,000 in South East Serbia.

Produced by ArtLink, Veljko Dugo_evi_ (Kucevo’s cultural center), Op_tina Ku_evo (the municipal center), and Stanica, Kucevo’s independently-organized art collective in collaboration with a group of international artists from The Netherlands, South Africa, United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel, Arrivals/Departures inaugurates what will be an ongoing series of cultural programs by Stanica in Kucevo.

Why Ku_evo? Ku_evo lies in a region distinguished by its strong Vlah traditions (once a nomadic community populating Romania and Eastern Serbia) and now problematized by the high percentage of its denizens who go abroad to live as guestworkers in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.  A prescient question for the region concerns the problematics of braindrain, urban and rural migration and the ways that investing economically, culturally, and civically might encourage a commitment to long-term sustainable development. Might cultural activity in fact stimulate local economies, engender vibrancy and civic pride, and pose ways of problem-solving?

These artworks arise from a 3-week long colloquium entitled “Return of the Gastarbeitars” attended by artists, urbanists and ethnographers and anthropologists from the University of Belgrade and organized by Noa Treisters as part of the cultural programming by Artlink, a Serbian-based cultural NGO.

This project is made possible by SerbijaSume, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the University of Illinois (Bloomington), The American Embassy in Serbia, Op_tina Ku_evo, Centar za Kulturo „veljko Dugojevic“ – Ku_evo, KUD Art Klub Ku_evo.

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